Community Foundation is a grassroots voluntary organisation supporting people in inner city areas to change their lives by improving their conditions and creating opportunities for people to reach their full potential.

Community Foundation seeks to improve the quality of life of marginalised and hard to reach communities living in areas of multiple deprivation by setting up initiatives and supporting projects to develop communities to help themselves.

The concept of helping others to help themselves is far from new. It was exemplified in ancient times in the Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” Ancient it may be, but it is as true today as ever.

Paramount to our approach is to address the barriers to good quality of life- worklessness, social exclusion, ill health, and educational underachievement.

Community Foundation

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Police Honour Community Foundation for its Support During the August 2011 Riots

West Midlands Police and the Police Authority held a special ceremony to award 145 officers, businesses and community partners for their outstanding contribution during the summer disturbances across parts of the West Midlands.

The evening was hosted by Heart FM presenter Julian Jones at the Great Hall in Birmingham University on the 8 December. The ceremony started with a one minute silence as a mark of respect to the three young men who lost their lives in the disturbances – Shazad Ali, Abdul Musavir and Haroon Jahan.

Nozmul Hussain from Community Foundation, was presented with a Community Service Award certificate and a gift by Chief Constable Chris Sims and the chair of the Police Authority, Bishop Derek Webley, in recognition for the work he undertook to support the police and the community to bring calm and stability after the riots and the killing of the three men.

Addressing the audience, Chief Constable Chris Sims said: "Many of those receiving awards played a huge and important part in the successful outcome during those turbulent few days and many displayed exceptional courage and bravery,"

He added: "We felt that it was only right and proper to record our thanks – and the thanks of many members of the community – in such a way."

Nozmul Hussain said "The summer riot was caused by some mindless people, who didn’t care much about its effect on others; however the communities of Birmingham  were not prepared to sit back and watch. For some of us it was important  to engage with police and other public bodies to bring back order in our streets and reassurance to our communities."

The filming of the event can be seen by clicking the link below.

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