Community Safety Projects

 Community Action Walkabouts

We organise collective walkabouts in target areas between local residents and key service providers, such as police and housing, to highlight locations that attract Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and talk to people who live nearby about the problems and then collectively identify which agency should take responsibility for the different problem and agree what will be done and by when. This project deals with visible low scale easy fix ASB e.g. graffiti, vandalism, littering, rubbish dumping, discarded needles / bottles, etc, which if left unaddressed attracts further ASB and creates broken window syndrome.  The remedial action is to quickly respond to the problems and carry out work  which are not resource exhaustive.

 Parent Patrol

We work with local parents to take responsibility and join with other parents to undertake periodic patrols in ASB hotspot areas, with the local police community liaison officer. The idea is to create awareness amongst parents of the types of ASB committed by youths (who may even be their own children!), so they can have a more informed discussion with their children about ASB. This programme send clear signal to youths in the area to be cautious, as their parents may be on a patrol and catch them red handed!

 Keep Streets Clean

Children and teenagers take a lead in carryout estate/park clean ups in areas which are littered with rubbish usually dropped by them e.g. crisp wrappers, junk food wrappers, drink cans etc.  The programme is designed with young people, local residents and local housing office to target suitable sites.  Local residents are be involved in the planning as well as assisting the young people in the clean up, through which better relationship and understanding will be established.

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